Metabolic Aftershock has been available to a limited number of individuals for some time now and it continues to be popular for those who are seeking sustainable weight loss results. Despite the number of emerging competitors, this product by Jade Teta has accumulated a significant number of followers, making the weight loss system believable.

But does it really work and is it worth the money?

If you’re currently considering this program, the following is a review of the program along with the pros AND the cons that you should know about. If you’d like to visit the official website for the workout, please click here.

About Dr. Jade Teta

Jade TetaIt took Jade Teta more than 25 years to study the problem of weight gain and how to best start losing the weight by taking advantage of the body’s metabolic rate. He is a known doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and has a BS in Biochemistry. He was also a trainer for more than 25 years with a certification in Strength and Conditioning training. His rich background when it comes to body development makes Teta more than qualified to offer weight loss information through Metabolic Aftershock.

What Is Metabolic Aftershock?

Metabolic Aftershock is a weight loss program that promises to help burn fat fast without resorting to hour-long sessions. According to the author, the exercises in the program are meant to kick start metabolism and keep the body burning fat minutes after ending the exercise.

Matabolic Aftershock

Upon purchase, you’ll get:

  • Workout DVDs
  • Metabolic Aftershock complete manual
  • Bonus burnout instructions
  • Quick start guide
  • One on one consultation with the author, Jade Teta

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How It Works

Metabolic Aftershock is basically composed of 3 phases, each one specially designed to cause maximum weight loss. Here are the 3 phases of the program:

Create the Spark. This contains whole body exercises designed to trigger the metabolic rate. In the 1st phase, you’ll be accelerating the heart rate from zero to a fat-burning speed! The exercises are specially designed to target all the muscles, improve coordination and develop balance. Through this, you’d be able to build up your body to a stage where it is capable of using more intense exercises through improved strength and stamina. Jade Teta uses this part of the program to help people with a sedentary lifestyle to prepare for an active program.

Workout ComparisonLight the Fire. In this phase of the program, you’ll be building from what you’ve learned through Create the Spark. At this stage, you already have sufficient stamina to attempt more fat-burning exercises and achieve better body definition. In here, you’ll be introduced to special exercises called “rep chains” designed to help you burn fat twice as fast. According to the website, phase 2 is meant to build the basic requirements that will help the body develop a stellar metabolism that continues to burn calories even when a person is at rest. In addition, it pumps up the muscle toning and definition for the person.

Fan the Flame. The last phase promises to “pour gasoline” in the fire, notching up the exercises that every workout would burn up hundreds of calories in a single session. In this phase, you’d also start to see significant results, not just losing the additional weight but also noticing how your body is shaping up. Through Phase 3, you’ll be introduced to “metabolic chains” exercises that will enhance the body’s fat burning hormones.

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According to Dr. Teta, exercising extensively without preparing the metabolism leads to undesired weight loss. This means having flabby arms, sagging butt and more. This is why you must follow the 3 Phases of Metabolic Aftershock to ensure that the body is prepared for a tight and defined weight loss.

Positive Reviews

  • The system is 100% natural and does not encourage the use of risky medication for weight loss
  • Workouts not only burn fat but also improve muscle development and body definition
  • You only need to dedicate 45 minutes of your time every week
  • Thanks to the number of workout choices, you are free to customize the program depending on your preferences
  • The number of exercise choices also means that individuals of any age will find something that works for them
  • Delivery is done soon after payment with a reasonable price tag
  • Buyers get a one-on-one talk with the author should they have any questions about the program

Negative Reviews

  • The system takes hard work to successfully complete. Although you devote less than an hour a week to the exercise, individuals who live a sedentary lifestyle may not find the stamina at first
  • Metabolic Aftershock focuses more on exercises rather than dieting. Hence, you have to create your own food system to ensure a calorie deficit

How & Where to Buy Metabolic Aftershock

You can purchase Metabolic Aftershock online through the product’s main website. Different modes of payment are accepted so you shouldn’t have any problem about purchasing. Upon confirmation of payment, the product is delivered electronically and/or through the mail (depending on the package you choose) ready for your use.

OrderingThe website offers security measures for credit card purchase. Note that Metabolic Aftershock is not available anywhere else, it’s only available through their official website here.

Does it Work?

The program does work. Many have found Dr. Teta’s approach to work where almost all others do not. In fact, he even guarantees your success by offering a full 60 day money back guarantee.

TestimonialsYou can contact the Metabolic Aftershock team if you don’t see any significant results after trying out the product for at least one month. Jade Teta offers a money back guarantee, refunding your cash should you return the product within 60 days of purchase. This should be enough time to find out whether the product works for you or is just another system promising weight loss.

Overall Rating

Reviews for the product are mostly positive with some buyers commenting on the shortness of the exercise. This allows them to easily make time for the workout in their schedule and still complete their daily tasks. All in all, Metabolic Aftershock gets a rating of 8.5 out of 10.

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